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Welcome to Darren’s Daily Thoughts, the place where I come to write about things on my mind. I will try to make this a daily thing, but we will have to see. This will help me kind of like an archive to look back on later in life. I have experience in coding and scripting. I also do graphics and tutorials to help others. Welcome and please check back later.




The thing on almost every young teens life is a car. I kinda know what I want but I wouldn’t commit my life to it. I Was thinking along the lines of a big car but no too big. I like to stand out and use bright colors. I was going to try and buy a bright Yellow, Bright Orange, Lime Green X-Terra. I don’t really know yet. I’ll pretty much use anything I can get.


The day everyone loves the most is almost here. That’s right. The last day of school is coming up soon. I can’t wait to go do so many things this summer. I want to go swimming and driving and get my learners permit so bad. Also, the End Of Course exams are coming up which isn’t so exciting. Besides that, I’m ready for summer. WHOOP WHOOP


One reason I think the world is the way it is, that all the music is so raunchy and discussing. Most songs talk about subjects that are WAYYYYY to mature young children ears. That is why so many kids think it’s cool to go around saying everything they hear in their favorite rap song. I thing that is absolutely horrible. They shouldn’t be allowed to listen to those type of songs, they should just must the bad words. Little 5th graders know every word in the book. Trust me. They say it like they know what they’re talking about, but in reality it’s just letters to them. You really should monitor your little cousin, brother ,sister, or anyone who you think is starting to listen to this music. It has truly impacted the world.

My Bio

Hiya! I’m Darren Davis. I’m fourteen and a freshman in high school. ; I like writing in general. Also, I love my family! They’re thebomb.com. So you probably want to know things like my favorite hobbies and what not. I am the Vice-President of the 4-H Honor Club. I like to make people laugh. I’m sometimes really shy, and I love to swim and go tubing on the lake. There isn’t a lot I can explain about myself. I’m a great writer, and computers are pretty much my life. I am a huge Lady Gaga fan. I also like to crack jokes. Well, that’s my Bio.

Monday Funday

Mondays are usually the hardest day for me. I usually have a great Monday, but today wasn’t so good. Nothing bad happened but I was super tired. One reason I think I might be so tired, is that I don’t get enough sleep at night. Also, I feel asleep in almost every class. It was really crazy. Anyways, the other day I was outside and recorded a video. It was about Locust everywhere. They were practically taking over. I screamed a few times but I don’t know if I should upload it. Lol should I?


YEP, once again Friday has finally came. I am super happy to be out tomorrow and Sunday. I am glad that I live in a country that we are FREE. The United States of America has been so great to me and my family. I hope everyone also had a good day. I don’t think I have any plans this weekend but I might go see Titanic in 3D with my best little girlfriend. (Not my real girlfriend). We have been planing this since the beginning of November of 2011. Do you guys have any plans?

Vlogger ^-^

Yes, you probably read the title and want to know what a vlogger is. A vlog is short for Video Log. It’s where you walk around with your camera and document your life. I did this is New York and got quite a lot of views. I am hoping to start back this summer. Right now, this freshman year thing has got me all out of wack. I have a YouTube link if you would be interested in what I look like and what I sound like. Just click HERE

Hungry for Love

I bet most people reading this are either out of school, in high school, or middle school.  If you are not in high school yet you are going to be less excited and maybe a little disgusted. Today I was walking in the hall and about every 40 yards there was a couple loving it up on the wall. Not like LOVE LOVE, but just swallowing each other. You could practically hear see the germs jumping from person to person like a trampoline. If this is you please get a room. It’s pretty disgusting but it could be WAY less..nevermind. I hope this isn’t you. Have a nice day and remember this paragraph.

Yearbook Tips and Awesome Feedback

WOW! I have got a few comments complimenting my since of blog design and writing. Thank you to all who have written such nice comments and supporting messages. I appreciate it a lot. Anyways, lets get to the main point of this post which it YEARBOOKS :O

The time has come. 2011-2012 yearbooks have finally arrived. While having my first yearbook for my high school years is thrilling, it is also very important nothing, NOTHING, gets messed up. I have been following a few tips that I made myself in order to make this the best yearbook I ever received. In the last 9 years (Kindergarder-8th grade), some people wrote very rude and hurtful things that will stay with me forever. Including one “You’re a freak” they signed it “Anonymous”. Does it matter if I am a freak? No it doesn’t. It is all a matter of opinion. I do not care what other people think of me. If they have something wrong they should tell me. Instead of ranting like I just was, I will give a few of my yearbook signing tips.

  1. Name- One thing I REALLY hate is when people just sign their name. “Jane Woopersnapper”? How would that make me remember you????? I recommend writing a short paragraph maybe sharing some memories you had before. Just write something that if truly straight from the heart.
  2. Who signs?- When people write mean things in my hear book it hurts. Instead of letting random people sign it, what I did was chose peopel who were dear to my heard and I cared about and never wanted to forger. I also chose someone who wouldn’t write anything profound or rude.
  3. Markouts-My cousin likes to go through her yearbook and draw on people and write mean things. I really hope you don’t do this. You want to keep all of those memories, even if they are bad. It’s ok, just flow with it.
  4. Pictures-when it comes time to take your yearbook picture, DO NOT FREAK OUT. What I did was asked to see the picture one they took it. If I didn’t like it, they took it again. Look your best and don’t be late for school.

I hope those tips helped. Please consider what I have said. It already made a HUGE impact on my and hope it will have the same affect on you.

Slow Women

Everywhere I go with my mother or sister, there is always some sort of delay. It doesn’t matter if we leave an hour early we are always late. For example, We are going on a family vacation. Our dog gets hit by a car. That was a totally fake senerio anyways. Just everything I do I always have a delay caused by the woman figure. It’s not cause their bad, it’s just something out of the ordinary happens. if you’re a woman and you’re late everywhere, GO